Developing performance with technology

Blended Solutions combines insight into people and performance with expertise in interactive technology. Helping organisations to find and develop talent, we deliver efficient and user-friendly solutions which individuals can enjoy and benefit from.

What are blended solutions?

We are dedicated to the provision of quality HR practices blended with technology. Our solutions enable fast information provision, interactive materials to develop skills and wider performance support to integrate these solutions with ongoing activities. According to the Institute of Employment Studies (2003), online self paced activities and online facilitated events perhaps via computer mediated conferencing, are blended with live face to face instructor sessions.

We believe that the advantages of blended solutions can include cost benefits, consistency, flexibility for individual users. These benefits can only be harnessed if solutions are truly blended so that potential pitfalls can be avoided. Wizz-bang graphics without a real understanding of people and their needs can result in alienation of users and wasted investments.

Our solutions are therefore people-centric, designed with user input and evaluation. They take into account individual differences in skill, motivation and learning styles. Solutions are developed to support and engage users.